- For different reasons the partners from Slovakia and Turkey also quit our project without having uploaded anything.

- The German students held their presentations on documentaries in front of their classmates. The best presentations were chosen and there were rehearsals for the presentation in front of a great audience for the exhibition in November. The students were  busy with the topic WWI in several subjects: in fine arts, science, maths and German . So they created items which were exhibited in the whole school building  (folder Fine Arts, Photo gallery I - Nr. 16-20, Pre- Activities). They also discussed the results of the other countries with their partners and solved the quizzes.

- At Gymnázium Vysoké Mýto on 17/10/2014 the students of KVARTA class didn´t have lessons according to the schedule, but they had a Project Day on WW1. The first lesson was English and they learned about the red poppies tradition, the second class was chemistry and they learnt about chemical weapons, in the lesson of music they learnt to sing "It´s a Long way to Tipperary", in the fine arts class they produced red poppies from fabric and in the end they went to the local library to find out about Czech books with the theme of WW1.

- Since there was more programme prepared for the Project Day and we couldn´t do it all in one day, a few events happened before the Project Day, e.g. on Friday 10/10/2014 the students tool part in a special lecture about WW1 in the local museum. Also, there was a small exhibition in the school library which was  prepared by the history teacher and some students.