Lecture in the museum

On Friday the 10th of October we set forth with my class into our local museum in Vysoké Mýto. We heard out very interesting information about World War I to be later used in our eTwinning project. The First World War touched Vysoké Mýto as well. From the second half of 18th century Vysoké Mýto served as barracks for a military post. The period before WWI was in a sign of peace and nobody had an idea what was about to come. Vysoké Mýto awaited a mobilisation. Soldiers and even horses were being brought to Vysoké Mýto. Some time later trains were consecutively bringing hurt soldiers and Vysoké Mýto became one big hospital. Schools and other buildings were rebuilt and changed so that the patients could survive their injuries there. “Only” 160 people died here in Vysoké Mýto by the time of all the WWI. After the lecture we visited an exposition of weaponry. Only a few weapons come down in Vysoké Mýto from WWI; most of them were confiscated or depreciated. (text by Filip P., student of kvarta)