War monuments - presentation
and quiz

Quite a few students from our school don´t come straight from the town of Vysoké Mýto or Choceň but they commute to school from nearby villages. In many of these villages there are World War I Memorials built by the citizens of the village in early 1920s.  They are often situated in the village green or another important place (e.g. close to the Community House or the school) and they show the feelings of the people who lost their dears in the war. When looking for these memorials, we found  a very useful Czech website (www.vets.cz) with lists of these monuments district by district. So far we have managed to visit twenty of them and we took a lot of photos. It was interesting to read the names – sometimes two or three surnames on the particular memorial were the same as they were probably family. It was touching to imagine that some mothers lost two or even three sons or a husband and a son / sons.