Quizzes and presentations

The German students watched the documentaries of the cycle "14 Diaries of the Great War". Then they worked in teams and their task was to make a presentation on the main ideas of the documentary, to draw a picture, to include a video clip, quotations, letter etc. and to make a role-play. Below, you can find some information on the documentaries.

www.wdr5.de/sendungen/tiefenblick/vierzehntagebuecher100.html      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/14_-_Diaries_of_the_Great_War

1) Documentary "The Heart´s Desire"  - Presentation

2) Documentary "The Onslaught"  -  Presentation

3) Documentary "The Anguish" - Presentation

4) Documentary "The Abbys"  -  Presentation

5) Documentary "The Annihilation" - Presentation

6) Documentary "The Home Front"  - Presentation  

7) Documentary  "With exultation into the hell"  -  Presentation

8) Documentary "The Tipping Point"  -  Presentation    

9) Documentary "The Uprising" - Presentation