- The exhibitions in Poland, CR and Germany were great success and so we decided to continue this project. Unfortunately Poland couldn´t go on any more and so the schools from CR and Germany were the only ones to work together on this project.

- The German group who had read the novel `All Quiet on the Western Front` in their German lessons, answered questions about the first part of the novel which were provided by the Czech students. We used After that the German students worked out questions for their Czech partners on the second part of the film. We used google forms and discussed the answers on the eTwinning forum.

- In some of the villages close in the Vysoké Mýto micro region there are small monuments to the local men who died in WW1. At the same time quite a lot of students of Gymnázium Vysoké Mýto live in these villages and commute to school and so as one of the "after Project day" activities we asked all the commuters to look up for these small memorials and take photos of them. This way we collected more then 20 photos and then working collaboratively on a shared Google presentation we created a long and informative presentation and shared it with our partners. After that we also wrote quizzes that not only our partners, but also other students from our school took. Besides that, the students used and created an online interactive map with these small memorials and information about them.