- The German group was busy with the `Guess where it is` activity provided by their Czech partners. We also started working with the film `Christmas truce` and the questions which the Czech teacher had worked out.

- At the end of Februry the German and Czech students met again one evening in the chatrooms but this time all the  students had been divided into five transnational teams of 5- 6 students, each team met in their own chatroom and their task was to invent a few members of a fictive family in 1914 and briefly decide on who (son, father, ...) was going to the front and what was going to happen to him. It was the first stage of their cooperative  writing of a series of fictive letters sent by the family to the front and by the soldier(s) from the front back home. Such a discussion was quite a demanding thing and the students practised presenting their ideas, doing compromises and making decisions.